The Design Process 

A client survey is sent to you to help us understand your design fashion, lifestyle, budget, scope of project, and how we can best translate your true authentic self in the design.

A design consultation is scheduled to view and analyze your space, get to know you better (what makes you YOU), and understand further details of your design project. Whether it be that you need furniture, accessories, paint, custom wall finishes, light fixtures, custom built furniture, built-ins, window treatments, bedding, shutters, blinds or just to spruce your existing space. 


Based upon the initial consultation with our clients, a mutual contract/agreement is drawn up.


We will take detailed measurements of all the spaces involved in your project and take photos of each space. We compile before & after photos so you can see the amazing transformation of your newly designed space(s).


 Floor plans allow us to determine what items will best fit into the space, how it will be arranged, and the scale of each piece.

Once the plans have been decided upon, the Project Design Plan starts! First comes developing a color scheme, sourcing furniture, window treatments, accessories, fabrics, artwork, and much more. Special ordering is always available with our fabulous vendors. 

Once the design concept is finished, a document of all the items you selected will be put together for approval. Once all items are approved, they will be ordered and shipped to the address agreed upon in the contract. 


Concepts coordinates any contract work that needs to be performed prior to the furniture being delivered.

We will supervise the delivery, inspection, and installation of furniture and accessories.

Concepts works with a local warehouse and moving company for items that cannot be delivered to residential areas. 

Final touches are added to give you that “wow” effect when you walk into the space. It’s time to relax and enjoy your newly transformed home, business or room. You’ll be the admiration of all your friends and family as you celebrate the elevation of your space to magazine quality status!

Interior Design