​​​​​My husband, Craig, and I met Pam prior to building our house.  In our case having Pam Kaplan with us before starting our home allowed us to be ahead of the process.  By choosing paint colors, inside and out, flooring, granite counter tops, and bathroom counter tops, we had our spreadsheet filled early.  We then went through the many suppliers Pam has at hand to choose cabinets and lighting.  Plus, once the house began, she became our eyes and ears as we did not live in the area. Once the house began, Pam brought us with her to the furnishing market in Atlanta.  By doing this, we were able to save money by not buying at full retail pricing.  We chose rugs, furniture, bedding, as a start.  We were able to purchase some of the best designer furniture and rugs as Pam negotiated some fantastic pricing.  Plus, Pam and Keegan have a great eye for color, placement, and design. 
We can say without a doubt, had it not been for Concepts, our home would not be as beautiful.

​                                                                                                  Craig and Terry Robinson



My husband and I asked our friend, Pam, of Concepts to help us “fine-tune” our home’s décor.  We knew we wanted to have our home have an elegant feel and look, but at the same time be warm and inviting.  Pam went from room to room, evaluating what we already had in our furnishings and wall hangings.  Her goal was to utilize what we already had in place, move some pieces around to make better use of them, and to incorporate some additional furnishings where she saw it necessary to help with the “tweaking” process. Going from the foyer to the living room, to the dining room and family room, Pam proceeded to truly tweak everything.  She added a mirror, a sculpture, and vases in the foyer, an eye-popping mirror in the living room, and another in the hallway to the master bedroom, as well as a new chandelier in the dining room. At the same time, she moved the previously used dining room chandelier to the living room, where it now fits in beautifully. All of the changes and additions Pam made helped us achieve our goal of making our décor look fresh, up-to-date, and inviting when our guests walk through the door.  We appreciate her so much for her talent and for the help she gave us in our home re-decorating project.

                                                                                                                 George and Janice Hendricks





I met Pam at a dinner for Inside The Gates. She had her business cards and passed them out. I was in need of a few things to finish off several rooms in my house. Since I really do not like shopping, I turned over my project wants to her. She has a knack for looking at your space and summing up your needs and likes. It was that simple!!!! I don't move real fast so as she completed her search for one room, we would then move on to the next. First purchase was the dining room chairs to enhance the farm table but give it a modern flair. We then moved to the bedroom for matching lamps to finish the existing look. Oops!!! As I am writing this I almost forgot the most important features. And this is where we spent most of our time. Our 2 lovely and very comfortable wing back leather chairs and ottoman. Last but not least, she found the perfect bar stools. Not such an easy job as I had very specific criteria. None of these were big jobs but were handled quickly and efficiently and with my budget. Thanks Pam!!!    

                                                                                                   Mike and Melinda Hickey

Interior Design

We needed to upgrade and furnish three model homes for a new homes beach community. The goal was to create a home environment that aligned with our move up buyers and also having a coastal feeling. Pam Kaplan had a very good understanding of what changes needed to be made to reflect a high end model home look and also having it feel like a beach home. She is professional and thorough and stays current with today’s design tends. Also Pam took the time to evaluate other builders model homes to ensure that our presentation competed properly. I would strongly recommend her for your home’s interior design and furnishing needs.

                                                                                     Project Director for Naturewalk Todd Schermerhorn



​​​​​​​​​​My husband and I reached out to Pam for help with finding a new fireplace and changing the look of the existing wall above. Pam met with us at our home. After talking about the initial fireplace plan, she had great ideas for the rest of the room as well. During the consultation she started right on the spot and helped us rearrange the living room. Wow what a remarkable change! In our next meeting she helped us pick new stone for the fireplace wall and with her design eye, decided to expanded the stone to the entertainment wall. Pam also helped us pick out new paint colors for the remaining walls for our house. Over the past few months with Pam's help we have been adding additional new furnishings to make our home look and feel refreshed. The changes have accomplished our goal and so much more than we could have ever imagined! 

                                                                                                                                            Tony and Kathy Zoglio


Pam Kaplan came to my rescue when I was completely lost and stressed about a new home we were building. I had made initial choices for furnishings on my own but was terribly insecure about them. She steered me in the right direction, pointed out what was important, and helped me see the vision that was to be my new home. She has worked with me over the past year furnishing it from top to bottom and we couldn't be happier!

​                                                                                                                                          Guy and Carol Kroesche

My husband and I were living in New Jersey when we visited the emerald coast in 2012 and fell in love with the area. We purchased a condo in Sandestin and spent a full year there. That same year I met Pamela at the

gym. We were traveling back and forth between New Jersey and Florida and in 2014 we decided to sell our home in New Jersey, and build our final home in Florida. When we decided on our lot and builder, I immediately contacted Pam to help us with our new home from the ground up. We spent several days with Pam as we made the necessary selections for our new home before going back up north. Since we were living in NJ selling our house, we were unable to be there in the important phases of building. Pam was right there to insure us everything from electrical and paint colors to the final pavers on our driveway were installed properly. She sent pictures of the progress to us on a regular bass. Her expertise in design and decor was invaluable. Pam was such a pleasure to work with. To anyone who is remodeling or building, I would definitely recommend Pamela /Concepts. Not only is she easy to work with, we have remained great friends.

                                                              Hilarie Taylor